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Our Design Options

Are you poised to manifest your artistic flair? The Joinery Shutters Co. stand ready to turn your vision into reality!

Our shutters are as versatile as your imagination, offering a wide selection of materials, colours, sizes, and styles that align with your distinctive preferences and requirements.

We are committed to delivering the finest quality bespoke shutters, crafted to afford you the widest range of choices, enabling you to actualise your ideal interior. The classic sophistication of our shutters is without equal, creating a focal point that seamlessly corresponds with your envisioned aesthetic.

The material and style you select for your shutters will significantly influence your design opportunities and the final aesthetic of your windows. However, there's no need for concern, as we're on hand to assist you through every decision. We'll guide you through the plethora of design choices and acquaint you with any additional features that might enhance your selection.

If you're prepared to transform your imaginative concepts into existence, The Joinery Shutters Co. are the exemplary solution for you. Let's actualise the home of your dreams!

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Shutter Panels

Shutter Panels

Elevate your windows to a visual masterpiece with Joinery Shutters. Our plantation shutters present a visually arresting feature both internally and externally, with panels that align impeccably with your window frames for a cohesive appearance. With our bespoke service, you can be confident that each shutter will be an exact fit.

Single Shutter Panels

Single Shutter Panels

Seeking to imbue a smaller window or a solitary French door with a dash of refinement? Our single-panel shutter is your answer. This option provides a solitary shutter panel that is precisely positioned within the frame, offering a sleek and sophisticated aspect that will enhance any space.

Double Shutter Panels

Double Shutter Panels

Prepare to be enthralled by the allure of our bi-fold shutter! This design includes two shutter panels, intricately hinged together. When opened, the pair of plantation shutters fold elegantly at the hinge, creating a captivating visual display that amplifies the charm of any interior.

Multi-Fold Shutter Panels

Multi-Fold Shutter Panels

Prepare to immerse yourself in the epitome of fashion and refinement with our multi-fold installation! When a simple pair of hinged plantation shutters won't suffice, this option emerges as the ideal solution. Each panel segment unfolds in a seamless, accordion-like motion, injecting a dash of sophistication into any room.

Louvre Sizes

Louvre Sizes

Eager to enhance the ambience of your space with our exquisite plantation shutters? Selecting the optimal louvre size is essential for curating the desired atmosphere. Whether your aim is to foster a snug, intimate setting or a luminous, spacious area, Joinery Shutters & Blinds provides an array of sizes to cater to your unique preferences.

Consider the aesthetics and dimensions of your room, alongside your personal requirements for privacy and natural light. Smaller louvres afford greater seclusion and diminish light infiltration, whereas larger louvres yield expansive outdoor views and ample sunlight. For the majority of our clientele, a medium-sized louvre represents the ideal equilibrium between privacy and illumination.

Available sizes range from 47mm to 114mm, allowing you to discover the precise match for your environment. With Joinery Shutters, rest assured that your plantation shutters are crafted to exacting standards of quality and artisanship, guaranteeing a pristine finish that will magnify the allure of your home for the long haul.

Tilt Rods

Tilt Rods

At Joinery Shutters, we recognise that the exemplary shutter encompasses both visual appeal and practicality. Hence, all our shutters, save for the solid panels, come equipped with a mechanism to modulate the light entering your space.

Located centrally or offset to the left or right, the tilt rod is instrumental in adjusting the light levels within your room. This mechanism operates exclusively on the louvre section it's connected to, facilitating light adjustment to your preference.

For those who cherish serenity, we also proffer a silent tilt mechanism as an optional enhancement. This feature eradicates any potential noise from your shutters, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in your space without disturbances.

We take pride in delivering a harmonious blend of form and function. Our shutters are not merely aesthetically pleasing but supremely practical, assuring the creation of the perfect ambience in your home.

Silent Tilt (No Rods)

Silent Tilt (No Rods)

For those seeking a streamlined, contemporary aesthetic in their window dressings, shutters with a concealed tilt rod feature may be the perfect fit. Conventionally, tilt rods are externally visible, connecting to each slat via metal pins for straightforward light adjustments.

Conversely, the concealed tilt rod option utilises an integrated system, enabling the adjustment of one louvre to automatically align the others. This design is especially advantageous for shutters with a mid-rail or in a tier-on-tier layout, where each section can still be operated independently, akin to the traditional approach.

Furthermore, the positioning of the concealed tilt system is customisable to suit your preferences, and for windows of substantial size, incorporating multiple concealed tilt sections can enhance both functionality and visual appeal.

Mid Rail

Mid Rail

Realise your shutter design aspirations with the practical and visually appealing addition of a mid-rail, particularly suited to more extensive installations.

Envision the capability to adjust the upper and lower sections of your shutter panels independently, achieving an ideal synthesis of natural light and privacy at any moment. A boon for privacy-minded homeowners, the mid-rail allows for the lower section to remain closed while the upper invites in a whisper of fresh air and sunshine.

But there's even more to it! The mid-rail also lends structural support to your shutters, ensuring steadiness for expansive windows or openings. Concerned about aesthetics? Fear not, as mid-rails can align with existing window elements for a cohesive and stylish enhancement to your interior.

Choose Your Colours

Elevate your home's interior with shutters that exude an enduring elegance. Wishing to flawlessly match your current colour scheme? Our bespoke colour service makes achieving the perfect shade a reality.

Our skilled artisans craft each shutter specifically for your setting, and the colour-matching service guarantees that our shutters will seamlessly complement your design elements. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our shutters, which is why custom colours undergo several layers of paint and a UV-resistant coating, protecting against colour fading from direct sunlight exposure.

With the capability to match any high-street paint brand, your envisaged hue is now attainable. So, go ahead and infuse a personal touch, making a bold statement with Joinery Shutters & Blinds.

Shutters & Shade

Savour the tranquillity of a restful night's slumber and revel in the luxury of utter darkness with our state-of-the-art room-darkening blind system. Our exquisite shutters offer a dynamic and insulating approach to revamping any room in your home.

However, for those moments when you require absolute light exclusion, our integrated room darkening blind system stands as the ideal solution.

Tailored to fit snugly behind our shutters, this room-darkening system delivers a complete blackout effect, ideal for baby nurseries, home theatres, or individuals who work unconventional hours. The blind effectively eliminates all external light, granting you the serenity to relax in perfect darkness.

Compatible with the majority of our shutter collections, including full height and tier-on-tier designs, the room darkening blind system represents the pinnacle of enhancement for your shutters. Reach out to Joinery Shutters today to discover more about this essential addition to your residence.


Elevate your home to a realm of elegance and comfort without forfeiting your valuable time. While sea freight remains our standard shipping method, with an average delivery span of 8-10 weeks, we also present an expedited alternative—air freight—for those adhering to a stricter timeline (5-6 weeks).

We take immense pride in guaranteeing that every consignment reaches you in impeccable condition. Despite air freight potentially involving additional handling, we employ stringent measures to safeguard your new shutters throughout their journey.

Whether you select air or sea freight, our factory team painstakingly packages your shutters with the utmost care, ensuring their safe and secure arrival at your abode. Opt for Joinery Shutters when you seek excellence and expediency.